New milestone

Yesterday we’ve reached 4000 followers on our Instagram account. And we want to say big thank you to each and any our follower. Your engagement and attention is the driving force that help us to grow and develop further. That’s why we are selling a limited amount of our wool bags with 40% discount this weekend! Each is made with love and care to every detail, you can find them here, hurry up, the offer will last only till Monday, 3rd October.

You can find our bags here.

And if still haven’t joined our Instagram community, you can do it here.


Fashion Travel II: TOOCHE shoes in Amsterdam

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Traveling is one of the best things in the world. That is why we love so much, when our shoes and bags are traveling to another cities, countries and even continents. And look, here is a new inspirational video featuring our shoes in Amsterdam – a city of happiness and sunshine.

Please watch this video till the end, feel the incredible vibe of the city, its lightness and ease! Thank you Anna Turanova for this amazing clip:)

Provence” – shoes starring in the video.


Путешествия – это одна из самых лучших вещей в мире. Поэтому мы так любим, когда наши ботиночки или сумки отправляются в другие города, страны и даже континенты. Посмотрите, а вот и новое видео-путешествие, которое несомненно вас вдохновит; на этот раз ботинки TOOCHE отправились в Амстердам – город счастья и солнца.

Пожалуйста посмотрите видео до конца и почувствуйте невероятную атмосферу города, его легкость и непринужденность. И конечно, большое спасибо Анне Турановой за такой клип и настроение:)

Provence” – ботинки, снявшиеся в видео.

While grass is still green…

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Summer has ended so unexpectedly and it’s autumn already! Ones may be excited about it, but others sad, because it means that cold and rainy autumn day are soon to come.

We suggest you no to waste your time on expecting the worse, but catch sun while you can. Look, the grass is still green and sun is still shiny – enjoy it! And here is a pair that we created to catch the last summer days:

You can explore our full collection here.

14192000_580083135517713_5238907923845273137_nЛето закончилось так неожиданно и вот она осень! Одни радуются этому, но другие расстраиваются, потому что холодные, дождливые осенние деньки уже не за горами.

Мы советуем вам не тратить время зря на ожидание худшего, но ловить солнечные мгновения пока это возможно. Посмотрите, солнце все также светит, а трава еще совсем зеленая – наслаждайтесь! А на фотографии новая пара ботинок, которые мы создали, ловя последние летние деньки.

Наша полная коллекции обуви находится здесь.

Bags on SALE

These and many more beautiful bags are waiting for their happy owners! Discount -50% and more, hurry up, this offer lasts only while the bags are in stock! You can explore all the bags and buy them here.


TOOCHE Workshop opening

Summer is coming to an end and we are getting ready for stepping into autumn – a time of changes. And before a new period will start start in our life and in life of our brand TOOCHE – before we present you new models from autumn/winter collection we want to meet with you, dear friends! Your opinion, feedback and just attention is very important to us!

That is why everyone are welcomed in our workshop this Friday (August 19, 2016) from 10:00 till 22:00 in Riga, Brivibas 68. Join the event here.

We will be glad to see you, drink tea, eat cookies and present you great shoes and accessories that are in stock with great discounts. For those, who are not in Riga – check our website tomorrow, everything would be there too!

We hope that anyone will find what he is looking for!


Fashion travel: Tooche sandals in Dubai

When we first presented our summer sandals made from natural wool felt people were rather skeptical about them. And it is not surprising, have you seen a lot of summer footwear made from wool?:)

But as the wool that we use is 100% natural it has this very special property – it helps to maintain a comfortable temperature throughout the year, that is why our shoes can be worn from -25 till +25 C degrees. And our sandals can be worn even when there is literally desert outside.

Here is a real proof: charming Anna Turanova chose Tooche Bluebell sandals for her summer trip to Dubai. You can read her full blog post about it here and here is the clip confirming our words:


Make a wish shoes!

We’ve recently created a unique pair of shoes made with genuine fish leather noses! We were searching for the leather and experimenting with it for quite a long time, because not any fish leather is suitable to be put on shoes. But now we’re very happy to finally present it to the public. So, please welcome and feel free to order a “Make a wish” shoes with fish leather noses!

P.S. And of course, as always, you can customise both wool colours (more than 20 colours available in our collection) and fish leather (9 different colours is currently available).


Inspired by nature, created by TOOCHE

While creating new shoes and bags we are drawing our inspiration from the nature – its colours, forms, proportions, textures… and it is inexhaustible! You can always discover something new and unseen that the nature has created and here are some examples how we interpreted it:

Lilac sandals
Lilac sandals inspired by tender lilac flowers 
Bird of paradise sandals!
Bird of paradise sandals that reminds us about the bird with the same name!
Amethyst loafers
Amethyst loafers are named after amethyst, a stone that provides a connection to divine
Lilac love bag
Lilac love bag has its name because of the flower that endlessly inspires us to create new things!