Custom made designs: the process I

Today we would like to shed the light on these magical words “custom made” shoes. Have you ever wondered what does this mean? And what really happens when you decide to jump into this marvelous adventure of ordering a pair of shoes with your own design? Look, here is a real example of a recent custom made order we’ve done for our beautiful client Oxana.

  1. Everything starts with your idea. A client comes to our showroom or contacts us online and expresses any ideas about future design. In this case, the client came to our showroom and said that she wants something green, but not too bright. So we decided that it is a good idea to combine our green wool felt with dark grey wool felt and created the following color option for a future pair.


colour option Nr. 1 – dark grey wool, bright green wool and dark grey leather.


2. We also showed the client designs from our collection, when the shoes were made from two different wool colour. And she especially liked our “Cherry shoes” model. So we’ve proposed another colour option for alternative design.

Cherry shoes model
colour option Nr. 2 – marsala wool felt, dark grey wool felt, bordo leather and dark grey leather.

3. Next we’ve made first 3 custom made designs from the discussed colour options.

From these options we decided to develop nr. 2 with marsala wool in the middle and dark grey on sides and nr. 3 with green wool in the middle and dark grey on sides.

We started to experiment with different variations around nr. 2A:

She liked the 2A-4 design with a pink layer after the rand, but she decided to make it on a small heel instead of flat sole. So the last modification was made and it was approved by the client.


4. We continue to the creation of this design. Look, how beautiful looks the real custom made pair we’ve created. The client is happy, so do we!

What a wonderful journey it was, wasn’t it? And you know what is the best thing about it? – we DO NOT charge more for custom made designs, because we want to make your dreams come true! So don’t waste time and contact us to make your unique custom made pair that nobody in the world except you will have!

Contact us by email: | Whatsapp: +37127455013 | Facebook page


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