Vaļņu 4 Baltic Design Boutique official opening

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9 ноября 2017 года открыл свои двери новый бутик Балтийского дизайна – Vaļņu 4 Baltic Design Boutique. Если вы будете в Риге обязательно посетите это невероятное место, где можно найти настоящие жемчужины балтийского дизайна – от причудливых плюшевых игрушек, которые можно носить как сумочки до удивительных шляпок ручной работы и, конечно, ботиночки и сумочки TOOCHE! Кстати, в этом бутике представлен пожалуй самый большой выбор моделей TOOCHE.

On November 9, 2017 Vaļņu 4 Baltic Design Boutique has opened its doors for an official opening event. Enjoy the photos and if you ever happen to be in Riga – please visit this beautiful place. You will find a lot of different pearls there – from handmade toy animals that can be worn as bags to incredible hats and of course TOOCHE shoes and bags. By the way, in this boutique you can explore the largest choice of our models!


Interview with our clients 12.11.2017

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Дорогие подписчики! Мы рады вам представить нашу новую воскресную рубрику #чтоутебянатуше, в которой наши клиенты и единомышленники дают короткие интервью. Героини первого выпуска @lovelifeliza и @violasyutkina – читайте интервью ниже или в нашем Инстаграме.

Виола Сюткина (@violasyutkina), театральный режиссёр и соучредитель

1. Какой самый ценный совет ты когда-либо получала?
Когда вы поймете сколько ещё надо сделать и у вас опустятся руки и захочется сдаться, посмотрите назад на то, сколько уже было сделано. И смело идите дальше, ведь больше половины пути вы уже прошли.

2. Какие 3 предмета ты бы поместила в капсулу времени?
Книги «Жизнь без границ» – Ник Вуйчича и «Алиса в стране чудес», а так же философское письмо от меня.

3. Что такое счастье? Счастье – это умение находиться в настоящем.

Лиза Кангизер (@lovelifeliza) – Дизайнер аксессуаров, модель, фотограф,художник,основатель бренда “Love Life Liza Dolls”(@lovelifelizadolls)

1. Что даёт тебе силы и вдохновение?
С детства я занимаюсь творчеством, придумываю что-то необычное, когда пишу картины, создаю изделия своими руками или фотографирую. Основной источник вдохновения для меня – мои таланты, которые просят реализации через творчество. Следующий источник – эмоция радости. Когда я получаю отзывы благодарности и фотографии с разных концов света, с улыбками от моих клиентов, мне хочется продолжать свое дело и совершенствоваться в нем.

2. Какую сверхъестественную способность ты бы хотела иметь?
Моя мечта – путешествие по миру, знакомство с новыми странами и культурой других народов. А еще я не против разговаривать с животными, мне кажется они знают больше чем мы можем себе представить… В их глазах столько мудрости)) Поэтому – телепортация в пространстве и знание языков всех живых существ на планете земля).

3. Что такое счастье?
Счастье – это когда ты не жалеешь о прошлом и не волнуешься о будущем, видишь в каждом дне плюсы, не замечая минусы! Умеешь находить счастье внутри, и принимаешь себя таким какой ты есть.

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Dear followers! We’re happy to present you our new weekly publication #whatisonyoursoul in which post short interviews with our soulmates and clients. Heroes of the first episode are @lovelifeliza and @violasyutkina . Read their stories below or in our Instagram.

Viola Syutkina @violasyutkina , theater director and co-founder of @yadrugoyru.

1. What is the most valuable advice you’ve ever received?
When you understand how much more you have to do and your hands drop and you want to surrender, look back at how much has already been done. And boldly go on, because more than half the way you’ve already passed.

2. What 3 subjects would you put in a time capsule?
The book “Life Without Borders” – Nick Vuichich and “Alice in Wonderland”, as well as a philosophical letter from me.

3. What is happiness?
Happiness is the ability to be in the present.

Lisa Kangizer @lovelifeliza – designer of accessories, model, photographer, artist, founder of the brand “Love Life Liza Dolls@lovelifelizadolls . Shop Amazing Liza dolls here.

1. What gives you strength and inspiration?
Since childhood I’m engaged in creativity and invent something unusual, when I paint, create products with my own hands or take pictures. The main source of inspiration for me are my talents, who ask for realisation through creativity. The next source is the emotion of joy. When I receive feedback from around the world, with smiles from my clients, I want to continue my work and improve myself in it.

2. What supernatural ability would you like to have?
My dream is to travel the world, get acquainted with new countries and culture of other peoples. And I don’t mind talking with animals, I think they know more than we can imagine … There is so much wisdom in their eyes)) Therefore – teleportation and knowledge of the languages of all living creatures on the planet earth)

3. What is happiness?
Happiness is when you don’t regret about the past and don’t worry about the future, you see pluses in every day, without noticing the minuses! You know how to find happiness inside, and accept yourself as you are.

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Summer SALES


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Contact us if you have any questions or can’t find a perfect pair in your size, we will try to help.

Custom made designs: the process I

Today we would like to shed the light on these magical words “custom made” shoes. Have you ever wondered what does this mean? And what really happens when you decide to jump into this marvelous adventure of ordering a pair of shoes with your own design? Look, here is a real example of a recent custom made order we’ve done for our beautiful client Oxana.

  1. Everything starts with your idea. A client comes to our showroom or contacts us online and expresses any ideas about future design. In this case, the client came to our showroom and said that she wants something green, but not too bright. So we decided that it is a good idea to combine our green wool felt with dark grey wool felt and created the following color option for a future pair.


colour option Nr. 1 – dark grey wool, bright green wool and dark grey leather.


2. We also showed the client designs from our collection, when the shoes were made from two different wool colour. And she especially liked our “Cherry shoes” model. So we’ve proposed another colour option for alternative design.

Cherry shoes model
colour option Nr. 2 – marsala wool felt, dark grey wool felt, bordo leather and dark grey leather.

3. Next we’ve made first 3 custom made designs from the discussed colour options.

From these options we decided to develop nr. 2 with marsala wool in the middle and dark grey on sides and nr. 3 with green wool in the middle and dark grey on sides.

We started to experiment with different variations around nr. 2A:

She liked the 2A-4 design with a pink layer after the rand, but she decided to make it on a small heel instead of flat sole. So the last modification was made and it was approved by the client.


4. We continue to the creation of this design. Look, how beautiful looks the real custom made pair we’ve created. The client is happy, so do we!

What a wonderful journey it was, wasn’t it? And you know what is the best thing about it? – we DO NOT charge more for custom made designs, because we want to make your dreams come true! So don’t waste time and contact us to make your unique custom made pair that nobody in the world except you will have!

Contact us by email: | Whatsapp: +37127455013 | Facebook page

International women’s day

Dear ladies, have a happy International Women’s day! Thank you for making this world more beautiful!

By the way, have you ever wondered why International women’s day is celebrated at 8th March? It all started in the Petrograd, the capital of the Russian Empire, back in 1917, when women working in a textile industry covered the whole city with their demonstrations. Because of this event, the Emperor of Russia Nicholas II granted women the right to vote. Since then 8th March is celebrated as a women’s day in Russia. In 1975 the United Nations adopted this event and now it is celebrated around the world!





10 reasons why wool felt is the best material for shoes

Why do you use wool felt? Why not to make shoes from leather like everyone else? It is probably our one of the most frequently asked questions. And to be short, because wool felt is the best possible material! And in this article we would like to explain you why by presenting 10 reasons why wool felt is the best material, but of course, there are many more reasons and this article is just the beginning.



1. Wool is flexible and adapts to your feet

Wool felt perfectly keeps its form, but still it is soft and because of extra fine fibres it blends better than other material of same thickness.When you wear our shoes a couple of times, they will adapt to your feet and become the most comfortable shoes you have ever had. Even better than walking in slippers and perhaps as comfortable as wearing bare feet!

2. Wool regulates temperature

Probably the most unique feature of wool is that it maintains comfortable temperature all the year around. So our shoes can be worn from summer to winter with no exceptions, from -25 till +25 C degrees. Wool warms you when there is cold outside and cools when it is hot. Of course, if you live in very hot countries, we suggest you to wear the sandals though, which are already tested in such hot places like Dubai and Thailand.

3. Wool is naturally water-resistant

Wool fibres are naturally covered with lanolin, a “fat” layer that protects from water. This means that water will soak in only if it rains very hard outside (but in this case only rubber boots will save you) or if you step into water intentionally.

4. Wool is durable 

Due to complex cellular structure of wool, this material is very durable and flexible to breakage. You can bent wool felt more than 30,000 times without any worries. Moreover, wool felt is 7 times stronger than cotton. Therefore, our shoes will serve you for a long time!

5. Wool is bio-degradable

Wool is biodegradable, as it can be burned and nothing except for the ash will left, so it does not pollute our world. Though, wool is also not as easy to burn as cotton, for example. Wool ignites only at a temperature about 600 C degrees, while cotton burns at 255 C degrees, while polyester catches alight at around 300 C degrees. As you may see, wool is safer than the other materials.

6. Wool is good for your health

Similar to acupuncture wool felt helps your blood to circulate. Furthermore, wool felt worn an a bear foot improves your skin’s well-being and stimulates the work of your neural system.

7. Wool is cruelty free material

To raise a sheep you only need grass, water, fresh air and sunshine. Then, once a sheep is big enough you should cut its hair off, because they have it too much, so it even becomes uncomfortable. Therefore, wool felt is one of the most sustainable materials in the world, since not a single animal is hurt in its production.

8. Wool is light

When you put on a pair of our shoes for the first time, you will be surprised how light they are if comparing to other shoes, especially those we wear in fall/winter seasons. And this is because the porous structure of wool felt, which comprises of millions little fibres that are close to each other, but still located at some distance from each other.

9. Wool is breathable

Because of wool fibres’ structure, wool equally easy absorbs moisture and evaporates it, which means you will sweat way less than in any other synthetic or leather shoes. So, your feet will breath in our shoes and you can even wear them without socks!

10. Wool is smell resistant

Because wool breathes, any unwanted odour will evaporate. Moreover, you can take off the insoles that are also made from natural wool felt and wash them in washing machine, if you would decide to refresh them.

Are you now convinced that is the best possible material for the shoes, aren’t you? So now it’s time to get yourself a pair of truly amazing shoes from wool felt. Enjoy!

Royal velvet set

Please welcome another amazing set – ROYAL velvet bag with a unique handcrafted doll tassel. This couple can be worn both daily and for some special events.

The bag is made from 100% natural Australian wool felt that doesn’t loose its form or colour with age. You can order this wonderful set here.